Company Logo

Put your company in the spotlight.

Every time.

Teleroute gives you the possibility to display your company’s logo next to your posting

Be easily recognized among other transport offers 

Make your brand stronger and build trust with new partners

Close deals faster by standing out from thousands of transport postings

Add now this premium feature to your postings by upgrading your subscription plan. 

How can I subscribe and activate Company Logo? 




Login to your Teleroute account 

Go into your Company profile in the “Community Manager”

Click on the Company Logo banner on the bottom right to launch the activation process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Company Logo work? 

You can now decide to show your company logo directly in the Search Results, to make your freight postings stand out from the crowd. This logo is different from the one you might already have in your profile in Community Manager because it will be displayed in the search results. 

How can I upload my logo? 

Uploading your company logo is easy: simply go to your company’s profile in Community Manager, click the Upload Logo button and you are on your way.   

Here are our recommendations for an optimal logo display: 

  • Format: .png or .jpg (.gif is not accepted) 
  • File size: Max 5 Mb  
  • Height: Min 200 pixels 
  • Orientation: Landscape (if possible) 
  • Background: Transparent

Once you upload your logo, we will automatically resize & optimize it to fit the space in the Search Results – it's going to look great! 

What’s the fee to add my logo next to all my offers?   

This add-on feature is available for 9€/month. 

I want to upgrade to the company logo, whom should I contact? 

You can always get in touch with the Business Assistant team who is ready to activate this option for you (as well as answer your questions, help you with issues, etc.) 

I am facing some issues with my logo, what should I do? 

Always check if the format, file size, and/or height of the logo follow our recommendations. If not, please adapt your logo and reupload it. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact Customer Support.