Do you need to ship humanitarian goods within Europe to help with the conflict in Ukraine?

Alpega opens up its entire transport network and will support you to find a transport company.


We will post your humanitarian goods in our freight exchange. They will be visible to our network of 85.000 carriers so they can see the load. If they are interested in transporting that good, we will put you in contact so you can sort out all the details of the service. While we operate this on your behalf on our platform, you can focus on other important matters. 


We are operating the 3 major European scale freight exchanges for more than 25 years and have built trust and long-term relationships with thousands of carriers. We would like to contribute in helping humanitarian transport in this global conflict hence our offer to you. 

While we normally charge to access our platform,

we want to offer it for free to you and for humanitarian goods. 

This way we are building a bridge between private companies, NGO’s and associations and any entity such as yours that need to transport humanitarian goods all over Europe for Ukraine, and carriers that can help solve transportation needs. 


What is a Freight Exchange:  

Online haulage platform connecting logistics providers, transport companies and private customers. It allows its users to search through a database for vehicles or freight. In Teleroute, our mission is to provide the most efficient European network to cover road transport needs, for both domestic transport and international route. 

In this context of this campaign, we expect you to: 

Reject and not be involved in any illegal business practices in all circumstances. 

Act at all time in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and with professionalism, honesty, integrity, good faith and integrity.