Join the initiative

offering your truck capacity to transport humanitarian goods all over Europe


We have opened our freight exchange to allow postings of any entity that needs support to ship humanitarian goods all over Europe to support the conflict in Ukraine.  

Those postings will be recognizable with the campaign name: “On the road for Ukraine’’  

This way we are building a bridge between private companies, NGO’s, associations, and any entity that wants to transport humanitarian goods all over Europe for Ukraine, and carriers that can help solve transportation needs. 

If you have any truck capacity and the routes of those postings match your trade-lanes, then we invite you to participate and to bring your contribution to this global effort in helping the Ukrainian people.  

Let’s do what we do best: 

Transport goods all over Europe and provide help to those in need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I see the postings: 

They will appear on our FX under the campaign name “On the road for Ukraine” 

Do I need to go to Ukraine to deliver goods?

No, postings can be to any place in Europe. 

Am I expected to offer my services for free?

Not at all, but who wouldn’t want to offer their helping hands in times like this 😉. 

If you are offering domestic Romanian transport, we kindly invite you offer the service pro-bono. 

Am I expected to cross the border of Ukraine?

It depends on the current state of the conflict, for now it would not be possible but that can change any time.

Who is behind the posting of the ‘’On the road for Ukraine’’? 

Alpega will be posting on behalf of the entities that are participating in this initiative, but the details of the service and the particulars should be dealt directly with the ‘’entity’’. We will put you in contact with them.  

What am I expected to transport?

Humanitarian loads 

Please consult the conditions applying int the context of this campaign